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Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Packs
During natural or human caused disasters, the majority of people and organizations are unprepared. Part of being prepared is having sufficient food, shelter, water, and medical care. Alta Safety's emergency packs can serve all size offices and provide what is needed for your employees and you to survive until help arrives.
Earthquake Kits
When you live in Southern California, the question is not if but when an earthquake will strike. Alta Safety can custom build an Earthquake Kit to the meet your locations unique needs and earthquake preparedness plans. Contact an Alta Safety specialist and let us work with you in keeping your employees ready.
Food Bars
A place of work should have an emergency food supply sufficient for 24 hours. Your office's emergency rations should contain nutrients, have a long shelf life, and withstand the rigors of a natural disaster. Alta Safety offers a full line of emergency rations which can be tailored to meet any office size. Our food bars taste great and have a shelf life of 5 years.
People have survived for a month without food but a human can go only a few days without water. Alta Safety's emergency water rations come in a variety of sizes and quantities. We also carry a wide range of purification tablets, individual survival filters, and collapsible water containers. Be prepared for the unexpected, call Alta Safety today.
Pet Survival Kits
Our pets are part of our families and as owners we are obligated to ensure we have prepared for their care during disasters. Alta has survival kits tailored for both dogs and cats. Both kits contain water, 5 year shelf-life food, blankets, leashes, toys, and animal specific medical products. These kits also make great holiday gifts for your employees or furry friends.
CERT (Community Emergency Response Teams)
As the terrible events of September 11th and Hurricane Katrina showed, people must be able to take care of their families, co-workers, and neighborhoods when it is least expected. Part of our government's response plan is the nationwide CERT (Community Emergency Response Teams) Program. Alta Safety supports the CERT program by providing a full range of CERT response kits, emergency supplies, and safety equipment.

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Browse our Emergency Supply Catalog for all of your safety and first aid needs.

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Emergency Supply Catalog

Browse our Emergency Supply Catalog for all of your safety and first aid needs.

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