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Forklift Train the Trainer
If you have multiple warehouse personnel, save time and money by having your own certified forklift trainer. Alta Safety can qualify designated personnel to be a certified forklift trainer, giving you the capability to stay trained and in compliance as your workforce changes throughout the year.
Workplace Safety Evaluations
Where do we store our safety kits, is our evacuation plan sufficient? These are questions that an Alta Safety Specialist can answer as we assist you in reviewing your workplace safety measures and preparedness plans. Call Alta Safety today for free on-site safety inspection.
Respirator Fit Testing
Just because you have provided respirators for your employees does not put you in compliance. Respirators must be professionally fitted for each user, ensuring the seals are correct and the user understands how to properly wear the respirator. Not only will Alta Safety provide your employees with OSHA compliant respirators, we will also professionally fit each employee, ensuring they are protected, productive, and your company is in compliance.
Fire and Evacuation Training
When the unexpected happens, especially a fire or an earthquake, people can panic if they do not have a plan and have been trained on it. Knowing how to respond to such disasters takes a qualified expert. With a combined 40 years of experience, let a certified Safety Specialist from Alta be your guide in developing and implementing your fire and evacuation plan.
IIPP (Injury Illness and Prevention Program)
Preventing employees from getting hurt is critical to a company's ability to keep healthcare and workers compensation costs down. An effective IIPP will do just that, outlining your safety policies, preventative measures, training, and what to do when someone gets hurt. An IIPP protects your employees and your company. Alta Safety can not only review your existing program but provide recommended changes to help your company stay healthy.

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Experience the difference. Let an Alta Safety Specialist inventory and replenish your cabinets- saving you time and money.

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Browse our Emergency Supply Catalog for all of your safety and first aid needs.

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