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Fall Arrest Systems


Fall Arrest Systems

Defined: The form of fall protection which involves the safe stopping of a person already falling, i.e. to arrest the fall".

PBI is proud to supply and install a diverse range of innovative personal fall arrest systems which allow significant freedom for work to be completed at height.

3M 8mm Horizontal Life Line

A robust, structurally mounted, permanent 8mm Horizontal Lifeline (HLL) with a range of wall, roof and overhead application options.

PBI4544 Timber Mounted Fall Arrest Anchor

Truss mounted fall arrest anchor for use on building roofs.

3M RoofSafe™ Surface Mounted Cable Static Line

3M RoofSafe™ Cable Static Line is a modular surface-mounted fall arrest cable system with built-in Spiratech energy absorbers at every connection to the roof.

3M RoofSafe™ Surface Mounted Aluminium Rail Static Line

3M RoofSafe™ Rail is a high-quality, aluminum rail safety system suited for all building projects and maintenance.

Bomac Altrac Overhead Aluminium Rail Abseil System

A system designed for overhead abseiling fall protection; it is extremely versatile, lightweight, low-maintenance and aesthetically pleasing.

Kingspan Safepro2 Surface Mounted Cable Static Lifeline

A high-strength anchor and cable system with energy-absorbing posts that limit the fall arrest load to less than 6kN.

SafetyLink FrogLink Anchor Point

A cost-effective surface-mounted fall arrest anchor system for projects which have little to no access to the timber structure. Perfect for retro-fit installations to metal roofing. 

SafetyLink TileLink Anchor Point

The TileLink Anchor is a multi-directional timber or steel truss roof anchor and comprises of one component, making installation much simpler and time effective.

Innotech Taurus Structurally Mounted Universal Rail System

Flexible fall arrest and abseil rail system designed for all substructures. Provides continuous connection in vertical and horizontal situations. Can be bent around corners and over ladders. 


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